Cresta Glass Ceramics



Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Cresta’s work consists of vessels in porcelain and bone china and contemporary ceramic lighting. More recently she has produced an individual range of jewellery using stained porcelain and oxides.

Her lighting designs draw on the true qualities of porcelain including translucency and the ability to take on fine texture. The clay has many limitations and in many ways dictate the form but Cresta likes to push the boundaries and experiment so that she meets the clay somewhere in the middle.

Working from her Studio in Exeter she prefers to slip-cast or hand-build. Work is decorated with coloured slip or manipulated while still damp to distort the form or to impart texture. She enjoys layering and taking away to reveal new surfaces, eroding, and polishing for a smooth finish, work is lightweight and visually fine.

As a Ceramicist making is something she must do, for her working with clay is personal expression - a conversation without words.

Cresta is a member of the Westcountry Potter’s Association and sells through galleries, craft fairs and her website.